Puschkinia is a family member of the Asparagaceae family. Puschkinias grow two to three grass-like petals with star-shaped flowers that grow in clusters. There are two sorts of light blue flowers with a dark blue stripe, but there are also types with white petals and even one green variant. The flowers of puschkinia are attractive to honey bees. Plant puschkinia flower bulbs in September in well-drained soil to watch them grow in early spring. At De Vroomen, we love the Puschkinia for the lovely site they make in a rock garden. Order puschkinia flower bulbs in our webshop, and we will ship your order to the USA and Canada.

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How to grow Puschkinia

The perennial bulb blooms in spring and is an attractive addition to mixed plantings with laterblooming bulbs. Puschkinias only grow up to 4-6” (10-15 cm) tall, which makes this garden plant excellent for ground-covering. Plant these perennial bulbs under deciduous trees, since they allow sunlight in early spring and semi-cover the ground in summer. Growing Puschkinias is simple:

  • Plant the flower bulbs 5” (13 cm) below the surface, and space them 2-3” (5-8 cm) apart.
  • Puschkinia requires well-drained soil, and they thrive best in full sun to partial shade. Never plant the puschkinia flower bulbs in full shade. This won’t stimulate flowering.
  • Water thoroughly after planting, but make sure the soil doesn’t get soggy.
  • Puschkinia naturalizes easily by spreading seeds and producing offsets.

Popular Puschkinia

The hyacinth-look-a-like perennial bulbs are available in our webshop from May. We sell the most popular type of puschkinia in our webshop:

  • Scilloides var libanotica: this low-remaining spring flower shows up in very early spring while temperatures outside can still be frosty. This spring perennial can’t be missed in any spring bedding. Plant many bulbs together for the best visual effect.

Besides puschkinias, De Vroomen also sells hyacinths, daffodils, muscari, and other spring garden plants. Plant spring-flowering flower bulbs in fall, to give them enough time to establish.

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