Uncover the dazzling allure of Agapanthus Bare Roots at DeVroomen, where we've meticulously selected each variety to cater to the specific demands of Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Renowned for its mesmerizing spheres of blossoms perched on elegant, lofty stems, our Agapanthus collection comes directly from the world's premier growers, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and a wide range of options.


Dive into DeVroomen's universe and discover our exceptional Wholesale Agapanthus Bare Roots collection, tailored specifically for Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Sourced with precision from reputable growers across the globe, our Agapanthus bare roots stand out for their premium quality, featuring an array of rich hues and shapes. Enhance your landscaping endeavors or retail assortments with our selectively curated selection, guaranteed to add a dramatic and sophisticated touch to any exterior environment.

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Agapanthus is celebrated for its breathtaking flowers and graceful foliage, and DeVroomen offers a selection of popular Agapanthus varieties to suit every taste and garden style. From classic beauties to unique cultivars, our Agapanthus bare roots promise to transform your garden into a haven of extraordinary charm. Explore these popular varieties:

  • Agapanthus 'Valencia': Immerse yourself in the beauty of Agapanthus 'Valencia', with its magnificent displays of bright, violet-blue flowers atop tall, robust stems. Ideal for sunny spots, 'Valencia' brings a vibrant splash of color to any garden setting, excelling in borders, pots, or as an eye-catching group planting.

  • Agapanthus 'Delft Duo' (available in retail packaging): Experience the charm of Agapanthus 'Delft Duo', a unique offering that presents a harmonious blend of white and blue blooms. This variety is perfectly suited for retail, packaged for convenience and ready to enchant gardeners with its dual-toned flowers ideal for containers, borders, or as a striking feature in the garden.

  • Agapanthus 'Dr Brouwer': Discover the elegance of Agapanthus 'Dr Brouwer', featuring deep navy-blue flower clusters that rise gracefully on slender stems. A standout in any setting, 'Dr Brouwer' thrives under the full sun, adding a sophisticated touch to well-drained soils in gardens, pots, or as part of a dramatic mass display.


De Vroomen, celebrated for their premium garden offerings, presents an exquisite assortment of Agapanthus bare roots available in retail packaging. This selection is perfectly suited for retail and garden centers seeking to furnish their clientele with superior perennial choices. Highlighted within our retail-ready Agapanthus varieties are:

  • Agapanthus 'Garden Harmony': This standout selection enchants all who visit your garden, delivering a visual spectacle that beautifully complements any landscape design. Perfect for garden enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of elegance and contrast to their outdoor spaces.
  • Agapanthus 'Blue' is celebrated for its vibrant blue blooms that add a splash of color to summer gardens.

These bare root packages are meticulously prepared to ensure a healthy start for the plants and come with detailed planting instructions, making them an ideal choice for gardeners of all levels seeking to enhance their outdoor spaces with these stunning, low-maintenance perennials.

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DeVroomen welcomes you to Purchase Bulk Agapanthus Bare Roots, catering to Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers by offering a wide and premium selection. Our carefully chosen bulk Agapanthus bare roots guarantee lively flowers and strong, thriving plants. Ideal for extensive landscaping projects or adding a spectrum of hues to your retail inventory, DeVroomen's bulk Agapanthus bare roots are your go-to for infusing outdoor areas with regal elegance.


At DeVroomen, we take pride in presenting a curated selection of Agapanthus bare roots, sourced from esteemed growers around the globe. Our team of experts ensures that each bare root meets stringent quality standards, promising robust growth and a stunning display in your garden. DeVroomen exclusively serves Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centres. If you're in search of premium Agapanthus bare roots for your landscaping projects or retail inventory, DeVroomen is your trusted source for sustainability, timely delivery, excellence, and quality in every product. Enhance your outdoor spaces with our premium Agapanthus varieties and experience the allure of these captivating blooms in full glory. Request a quote or contact us directly by calling (847) 395 9911.

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