Explore the charming simplicity of Ipheion bulbs at De Vroomen, where we offer these delightful blooms in a range of options tailored for retailers, garden centers, landscape contractors, and professional growers. Our collection includes both mixed varieties and the popular Ipheion uniflorum, available in both bulk and retail packaging. These bulbs are celebrated for their star-shaped flowers and subtle, sweet fragrance, making them a favorite for spring gardens and borders.

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Ipheion produces low-growing, clump-forming plants that are perfect for naturalizing in lawns, under trees, or even in patio containers. Their charming flowers appear in early spring, bringing cheer to gardens just as the season begins to change.

Popular IPHEION VARIETIES available at De Vroomen

  • Ipheion Mix: A vibrant assortment of colors from whites and blues to pinks, this mix allows gardeners to create a varied and colorful display that can enhance any planting scheme.
  • Ipheion uniflorum: Known for its resilient and adaptable nature, this variety boasts attractive, pale blue flowers that have a pleasing scent. It’s an excellent choice for creating a soothing, monochromatic aesthetic in gardens or naturalized areas.


Whether you are undertaking a large-scale planting or stocking up for retail, our Ipheion bulbs come prepared to meet your needs. Bulk packaging is ideal for landscape projects or for professional growers looking to cultivate large quantities, while our retail packaging is designed to catch the eye of the consumer, featuring all necessary care instructions and beautifully presented visuals.

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At De Vroomen, we ensure that every Ipheion bulb supplied meets our high standards of quality and health, guaranteeing superior growth and blooming. We are dedicated to providing our clients with bulbs that not only thrive but also transform garden spaces with their beauty.

As De Vroomen sells exclusively to garden centers, retailers, landscape contractors, and professional growers, we are your go-to source for high-quality Ipheion bulbs. If you wish to include these enchanting flowers in your offerings, please contact us to discuss your requirements or to place an order. Call us directly at 847 395 9911 to discover our full range of Ipheion and make your selections today.

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