Discover the colorful allure of Alstroemeria Bare Roots at DeVroomen, where we've handpicked a collection to suit the specialized needs of Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Known for their eye-catching, lily-esque blossoms and enduring flowers, our Alstroemeria selections come from the finest growers around the globe, offering unmatched quality and a diverse palette of hues.

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Alstroemeria is renowned for its vibrant, intricate flowers and resilient nature, and DeVroomen offers a selection of popular Alstroemeria varieties to suit every preference and garden design. From perennial favorites to exotic novelties, our Alstroemeria bare roots promise to transform your garden into a dazzling showcase of color and beauty. Discover these popular varieties:

  • Alstroemeria 'Majestic Tierce' features stunning, deep purple flowers that captivate with their elegance and rich color, ideal for adding a touch of royalty to the garden or floral arrangements. This hardy variety is known for its resilience and prolonged flowering period, ensuring a spectacular display of vibrant blooms from early summer to fall.

  • Alstroemeria 'Duchess Marguerite' captivates with its stunning, peach-pink petals, elegantly highlighted by bold brown markings, adding a lively splash of color to gardens or floral arrangements. Flourishing in both full sun and partial shade, this variety promises a bountiful display of blooms from the onset of summer until the fall, ensuring a perennial source of beauty and allure.


Dive into the exciting realm of DeVroomen and discover our exceptional Wholesale Alstroemeria Bare Roots, exclusively tailored for Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centres. Our wholesale Alstroemeria bare roots, carefully sourced from trusted international growers, guarantee superior quality, showcasing an array of eye-catching colors and forms. Elevate your landscaping projects or retail selections with our meticulously chosen range, providing an impressive and colorful display for any outdoor environment.


DeVroomen encourages you to purchase Bulk Alstroemeria Bare Roots, offering an exceptional selection for Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers. Our carefully chosen bulk Alstroemeria bare roots guarantee a display of vivid, enduring flowers and vigorous, thriving plants. Perfect for expansive landscaping projects or enriching your retail assortment with a kaleidoscope of hues, DeVroomen's bulk Alstroemeria bare roots are your go-to for infusing any outdoor space with the captivating beauty of Alstroemeria.


DeVroomen is dedicated to providing an elite selection of Alstroemeria bare roots, meticulously sourced from the world's finest growers. Our expert team rigorously assesses each bare root to ensure it adheres to our strict quality standards, guaranteeing robust growth and an impressive floral spectacle for your garden. Catering exclusively to Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers, DeVroomen stands as your reliable partner for acquiring top-tier Alstroemeria bare roots. Our commitment to sustainability, prompt delivery, unparalleled excellence, and quality shines through in every product we offer. Elevate your outdoor areas with our distinguished Alstroemeria varieties and revel in the enduring allure and vibrant blooms they bring. For a quote or to get in touch, please call us at (847) 395 9911.

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