Step into the vibrant world of Hippeastrum bulbs, widely known as Amaryllis, at De Vroomen. We offer an extensive range of these striking bulbs, known for their spectacular, trumpet-shaped flowers that provide an instant splash of color to any indoor setting. Among our top varieties, you will find the enchanting Amaryllis Apple Blossom, the deep, rich tones of Black Pearl, and the vibrant Charisma. Additionally, we feature exquisite double-flowered varieties like Arctic Nymph and Amadeus Candy, each providing a unique floral display. All these varieties are available exclusively to retailers, garden centers, landscape contractors, and professional growers, and come in attractively designed retail packaging.

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Hippeastrum is celebrated for its large, bold blooms that can transform a winter windowsill or a festive display into a breathtaking floral showcase. These bulbs are particularly favored for their ability to bloom indoors during the colder months, offering a cheery glimpse of spring ahead.

Popular HIPPEASTRUM VARIETIES available at De Vroomen US

  • Amaryllis Apple Blossom: Delicately veined with shades of pink and white, resembling the soft hues of apple blossoms.
  • Black Pearl: Features luxurious, velvety dark red flowers that add a touch of sophistication and drama.
  • Charisma: Captivates with its lively red flowers edged with white streaks, making it a showstopper in any collection.

Double flowered Amaryllis bulbs 

  • Arctic Nymph: A double-flowered variety with pristine white blooms that offer a lush, full appearance.
  • Amadeus Candy: Another double-flowered beauty, known for its striking striped petals in red and white, resembling candy canes.

RETAIL PACKAGed Amaryllis 

At De Vroomen, each Hippeastrum variety is available in specially designed retail packaging that not only ensures the safety and health of the bulbs during transportation but also provides a visually appealing product for consumers. This packaging includes detailed planting and care instructions, making it easy for even novice gardeners to achieve stunning blooms.

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Our Hippeastrum bulbs are cultivated under stringent quality controls to ensure they deliver vibrant colors and robust blooms. We invite garden centers, retailers, landscape contractors, and professional growers to enhance their offerings with these magnificent flowers, guaranteed to attract and delight customers.

De Vroomen sells exclusively to retail and industry professionals. If you are interested in adding the spectacular beauty of our Hippeastrum bulbs to your range, please contact us to discuss your needs or place an order. Call us directly at 847 395 9911 to explore our full selection and choose the perfect varieties for your clientele.

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