Explore the extensive collection of Narcissus bulbs at De Vroomen, available in both bulk and retail packaging to meet the needs of garden centers, retailers, landscape contractors, and professional growers. Our diverse Narcissus range features a broad array of types including Small Cup, Large Cup, Trumpets, Double Flowering varieties, and special blends such as the 60 Days of Narcissus Blend and the All Spring Mix.


Narcissus, commonly known as daffodils, are celebrated for their delightful blooms that herald the arrival of spring. They offer an array of forms and colors, from the strikingly large trumpets to the delicate doubles and charmingly distinct small and large cups. These bulbs are hardy, easy to grow, and ideal for naturalizing, creating an impressive display that returns year after year.

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VARIETIES AND TYPES of Narcissus bulbs

  • Small Cup Narcissus: Like the striking Small Cup Altruist, with its deep orange cup against soft yellow petals, these varieties are known for having one flower per stem and a cup that is not more than one-third the length of the petals.
  • Large Cup Narcissus: Characterized by a single bloom per stem with a cup that is more than one-third but less than equal to the length of the petals.
  • Trumpet Narcissus: Renowned for their large flowers with trumpets as long as or longer than the petal segments, making a dramatic statement in any garden.
  • Double Flowering Narcissus: These varieties, such as the popular Paperwhite Avalanche, offer clusters of multi-layered petals and are highly fragrant, perfect for both garden displays and indoor forcing.

Exclusive Blends and Mixes

  • 60 Days of Narcissus Blend: A carefully curated selection that blooms sequentially to ensure a continuous display for up to two months.
  • All Spring Mix: A vibrant mix designed to provide an extended flowering period throughout the spring season.


Our Narcissus bulbs are packaged to meet the varying needs of our clients. Bulk packaging is ideal for extensive landscaping projects or for gardeners wishing to create large, lush displays. Retail packaging, on the other hand, is attractively designed to ensure maximum appeal in garden centers and stores, complete with detailed planting and care instructions to assist even novice gardeners in achieving successful blooms.

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At De Vroomen, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality Narcissus bulbs that are robust and ready to flourish. We are committed to providing a wide range of Narcissus types and blends, ensuring that every garden can enjoy the beauty of these spring favorites.

For further details on our Narcissus varieties or to place an order, please contact us directly at 847 395 9911. Let us help you bring the joy and splendor of Narcissus to your outdoor spaces with our premium bulbs, ensuring a spectacular spring display.

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