The story of De Vroomen

This page shows the history of the DeVroomen family and their flower bulb company.


It all started with Bernard de Vroomen, son of Reinier Theodorus de Vroomen. Bernard left the shipyard where he worked at a young age and chose to become a flower bulb grower in 1880. He married Alida van Cassel and started his own business with borrowed money from both families.

The beginning

Bernard and Alida had three sons: Dorus, Kobus, and Kees. Bernard worked hard and brought the company to success, despite financial challenges. In 1913, Bernard became a board member of Bloembollencultuur, and since then, the name De Vroomen played a significant role in the flower bulb organisations.

Bulb export to Germany

Before the First World War, Bernard started exporting daffodils, and through his sons, the trade grew to various countries. The company grew steadily, despite economic challenges during the crisis years.

Expanding of the company

After the Second World War, the export of flower bulbs became increasingly difficult, but the company survived the war unscathed. In the years after the war, the sons further expanded the company, with Ben responsible for procurement and finances, Hugo for the nursery, and Dick for the office and sales.

U.S. & Canada

In 1960, subsidiaries were established in the U.S. and Canada. The company celebrated anniversaries and recognized loyal employees. In 1988, Hugo de Vroomen passed away, and Dick faced health problems, requiring the management to seek reinforcement.

The 90's

In 1993, the company acquired G. Muller and Zoon B.V., expanding commercial activities in the US. In 1994, Dick bid farewell to the company, after which Jack de Vroomen became the owner of the flower bulb companies.

100 year anniversary

The 100th anniversary of De Vroomen approaches in 2025, and the company remains a major player in the flower bulb and perennial plant export.