Explore the captivating world of Lilium bulbs at De Vroomen, where we offer an exquisite selection of Martagon lilies available in retail packaging. Perfect for garden centers, retailers, and professional growers, these bulbs are designed to enchant customers with the rare beauty and distinguished elegance of these varieties. We highlight the Martagon Claude Shride, Martagon Guinea Gold, and Martagon Sunny Morning, each offering unique colors and characteristics that make them standouts in any garden setting.


Martagon lilies, known for their dramatic and turk's cap-style flowers, are beloved for their robust nature and ability to thrive in shadier parts of the garden. They produce whorled leaves and an abundance of flowers per stem, making them not only a garden favorite but also excellent for cutting.

De Vroomen VARIETIES of Lilium

  • Martagon Claude Shride: This variety presents striking deep red flowers with a velvety texture, making it a bold addition to any planting scheme. It’s known for its reliability and ability to adapt to various soil types.
  • Martagon Guinea Gold: Exhibiting a rare color palette, this lily features blooms of a unique golden-yellow hue, enhanced by occasional reddish-brown speckles. It’s a luminous choice that brightens up any garden.
  • Martagon Sunny Morning: As the name suggests, this lily brings a bright, cheerful presence with its sunny yellow flowers, each dotted with soft orange spots. It adds a warm, inviting tone to landscapes and gardens.


Our Lilium bulbs come in thoughtfully designed retail packaging that not only ensures the bulbs remain in top condition but also provides comprehensive care instructions. This packaging is designed to catch the eye, making it an attractive pick for garden enthusiasts looking for something special to add to their gardens.

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At De Vroomen, we pride ourselves on the quality and health of our bulbs, ensuring that each one meets our stringent standards. Our Martagon lilies are no exception, offering both visual splendor and outstanding garden performance.

For garden centers, retailers, and professional growers keen to enrich their offerings with distinguished varieties, our selection of Martagon lilies is an excellent choice. Please contact us to place an order or to inquire further about these magnificent flowers. Reach out directly at 847 395 9911 to discover our full range of Lilium bulbs and make these exquisite varieties a part of your collection today.

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