Uncover the dynamic charm of Asclepias Bare Roots at DeVroomen, where our selection is carefully crafted to fulfill the unique requirements of Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centres. Known widely as milkweed, Asclepias is celebrated for its vivid blooms and its critical role in nourishing monarch butterflies. By sourcing from the world's premier growers, we guarantee the highest quality and a broad variety.

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Dive into DeVroomen's exclusive selection of Wholesale Asclepias Bare Roots, crafted specifically for Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centers. Our collection of Asclepias bare roots, carefully chosen from reputable growers around the globe, ensures exceptional quality, featuring an array of stunning hues and distinctive shapes. Enhance your landscaping endeavors or retail selections with our thoughtfully curated assortment, delivering a mesmerizing and environmentally conscious addition to any outdoor environment.


DeVroomen extends an invitation to Buy Bulk Asclepias Bare Roots, providing Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers with access to a diverse and high-quality selection. Our bulk Asclepias bare roots, chosen with expertise and care, ensure vibrant blooms and robust, healthy plants. Whether planning large-scale plantings or seeking a variety of colors for your retail offerings, DeVroomen's bulk Asclepias bare roots are the ideal choice for infusing outdoor spaces with the natural beauty and ecological benefits of Asclepias.


Asclepias is celebrated for its beautiful blooms and environmental benefits, and DeVroomen offers a selection of popular Asclepias varieties to suit every taste and garden style. From vibrant favorites to unique cultivars, our Asclepias bare roots promise to transform your garden into a sanctuary for butterflies and admirers alike. Explore these popular varieties:

  • Asclepias 'Ice Ballet': A striking contrast to its orange-flowered counterparts, this variety dazzles with pristine white blooms, drawing in butterflies with its nectar-rich flowers. It serves as a luminous addition to any garden, offering a serene palette.
  • Asclepias Cinderella: This hardy perennial is not only a visual delight but also a valuable addition to any pollinator garden or meadow setting, thriving in full sun and well-drained soil.
  • Asclepias Hello Yellow:  This variety brightens the garden with its cheerful, golden-yellow flowers that bloom throughout the summer, offering a sunny splash of color that attracts a host of pollinators.

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At DeVroomen, we pride ourselves on offering a curated selection of Asclepias bare roots, sourced from esteemed growers around the globe. Our team of experts ensures that each bare root meets stringent quality standards, promising robust growth and a stunning display in your garden. DeVroomen exclusively serves Landscape Contractors, Professional Growers, and Retailers or Garden Centres. If you're seeking premium Asclepias bare roots for your landscaping projects or retail inventory, DeVroomen is your trusted source for sustainability, timely delivery, excellence, and quality in every product. Enhance your outdoor spaces with our premium Asclepias varieties and experience the beauty and benefit of these essential plants in full bloom. Request a quote or contact us directly by calling (847) 395 9911.

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