Explore the stunning collection of Colchicum bulbs at De Vroomen, where we offer a selection specially tailored to bring vibrant fall colors to your garden. Renowned for their robust and vibrant blooms that flourish in the fall, Colchicums are perfect for adding a splash of color as the seasons transition. Our range features standout varieties such as the 'Fall Flow Double Waterlily' and 'The Giant', each offering unique characteristics and unmatched beauty. Meticulously sourced from the finest growers, our Colchicum bulbs exemplify our commitment to excellence and quality.


At De Vroomen, we offer our exquisite Colchicum bulbs in retail packaging, perfect for garden centers, retailers, and gardening enthusiasts looking to bring a touch of autumn brilliance to their plant offerings or personal gardens. Each bulb is carefully packaged to ensure it reaches you in optimal condition, ready to plant and thrive.

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Dive into the beautiful world of popular Colchicum varieties available at De Vroomen:

  • Fall Flow Double Waterlily: This exquisite variety is celebrated for its unique double-flowered form that resembles a waterlily. The blossoms are a soft pink, providing a gentle yet stunning impact in any garden setting. Ideal for creating a dramatic autumn display, 'Fall Flow Double Waterlily' blooms prolifically, even when freshly planted, making it a rewarding choice for both novice and experienced gardeners.
  • The Giant: True to its name, 'The Giant' features large, vibrant purple flowers that command attention. This variety is particularly robust, making it an excellent choice for adding a bold splash of color to the autumn landscape. Its substantial size and striking appearance make it a favorite among those looking to make a statement in their garden designs.

Both varieties are not only beautiful but also easy to grow, requiring minimal maintenance. They are perfect for planting in borders, rock gardens, and among perennials, providing a delightful surprise as other flowers begin to fade.

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De Vroomen offers these beautiful Colchicum bulbs in retail packaging, allowing garden centers and retailers to provide high-quality, eye-catching products to their customers. Our retail-packaged bulbs are sourced with the utmost care, ensuring they meet the stringent quality standards set by our experts. Explore our range of Colchicum varieties and add a touch of autumn elegance to your offerings. De Vroomen is your reliable partner for sourcing bulbs that promise vibrant blooms and healthy, thriving plants.


At De Vroomen, our dedication to quality shines through in our carefully curated selection of Colchicum bulbs, sourced from renowned growers worldwide. Our team ensures that each bulb meets strict quality standards, guaranteeing vibrant blooms and robust plant health. De Vroomen's retail-packaged Colchicum bulbs are ideal for those looking to enhance their garden with spectacular autumn flowers. Whether for a garden center or a personal collection, De Vroomen is your trusted source for exceptional bulbs. Experience the beauty of autumn with our premium Colchicum varieties. For further information or to place an order, please contact us directly by calling 847 395 9911.

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