Explore the extensive range of succulents at De Vroomen, each carefully nurtured and presented in various retail packaging options to suit your gardening and interior decorating needs. Our succulents are available in 2.5", 5", 6", and 8" pots, or alternatively in 9cm pots or as part of a mixed succulent group, offering endless versatility and charm for any setting.


Our collection includes a diverse array of succulent types, each boasting unique textures, forms, and colors that make them a perfect fit for both novice gardeners and seasoned collectors. From the petite charm of our 2.5" assortments to the impressive presence of larger potted varieties, there's something to enhance any space.


  • 2.5" Pots: Explore options like Cactus with Strawflower, a variety of Cactus Assortments, Echeveria Collection, Grafted Cactus Assortment, Haworthia Collection, Mimicry Plants, and general Succulent Assortments. These small pots are ideal for personalizing desks, windowsills, or small shelves.
  • 5" and 6" Pots: Choose from 5" Cactus and Succulent Assortments or the delightful 6" Succulent Hanging Basket that adds a vertical element to your indoor or outdoor décor.
  • 8" and 9cm Pots: Our larger 8" Cactus Assortment commands attention in any space, while the 9cm options include Aloe Vera, various Cactus Assortments, Cactus with Strawflower, Crested Cactus Collection, Echeveria Collection, Hanging Basket Assortment, Jade, Monster Cactus Collection, Old Man Cactus Collection, and Succulent Assortment.
  • Boutique Dishgardens: Available in Group II, IV, and VI, these dishgardens are creatively arranged to present a harmonious display of varied succulents, making them perfect gifts or decorative centerpieces.


At De Vroomen, we pride ourselves on the quality and diversity of our succulent offerings. Each plant is selected and nurtured with the utmost care to ensure robust health and vibrant aesthetics. Our varied pot sizes and comprehensive collections allow garden centers, retailers, and decorators to find precisely what they need for any project or sale.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us directly at 847 395 9911. Let De Vroomen be your trusted provider for high-quality succulents, and transform your space with our beautiful, durable plants that bring life and color to any environment.

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