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The Chionodoxa, commonly known as the Glory of the Snow, is a family member of the Asparagaceae. This early-blooming flower is one of the first bulbs to flower in spring. Chionodoxa shows its face from March to April. The flowers appear in white, blue, pink, and purple. The small starry flowers provide a lot of color in the still bare winter landscapes. Chionodoxas naturalize easily and will cover a field in no time. De Vroomen has been selling Chionodoxa flower bulbs for bulk prices for almost 95 years.

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How to grow Chionodoxa

Chionodoxa flower bulbs must be planted in mid to late fall. Make sure you plant the flower bulbs before the frost, and before the ground freezes. Plant the bulbs about 3” (7 cm) deep and 3” (7 cm) apart. For the best visual effect, plant chionodoxa flower bulbs in clusters. This way, you create a big splash of color. Chionodoxas make a perfect combination with other spring flowers, like snowdrops, scilla, and crocuses. Choose a place that is sunny during early spring. The flower bulbs are hardy to zone 4-9. Plant the flower bulbs in well-drained, humid soil, but make sure the ground never gets soggy.

Popular Chionodoxas

Chionodoxa appears in many sizes and colors. This early spring flower is one of our favorites. Adore the bright colors in early spring and watch Chionodoxa grow under trees, on lawns, on borders, and even in pots. These are the most popular Chionodoxas available at De Vroomen:

  • forbesii: the bright blue petals with the white heart are perfect for containers, pots, and under trees. Plant Chionodoxa in the front of the border.
  • Alba: the pure white flowers cheer up every lawn and bare winter border. Blooms from early spring and makes the right combination with other spring flowers.

Click on the particular type to find out more about where to plant the bulbs and how to take care of the Chionodoxa.

Chionodoxas are ideal spring flowers and can’t be missed in any spring border. Easy to plant and low-maintenance, makes this the perfect plant for containers, and under trees. 

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