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DeVroomen would like to highlight the many attributes you will find in our industry leading Independ

Our simple, Stackable Rack system, that allows for our retail boxes to “hang” freely, for total air circulation all around the bulbs, with vibrant pictures facing the consumer. The racks come free, as long as you fill them.

Themed Display Racks, highlighting specific interests for the discerning customer (Pages 16-19)

POS materials for your Bulb Displays

“Dutch Vintage” – Classic and simplistic Dutch packaging and motif, featuring beautiful mixes of bulbs (Pages 22-25)

“Patio City Garden” excellent choices for those Urban Jungle lovers, excellent for Patio Pots and Planters (Pages 26-29)

“Border Garden” – products designed for exactly what the name implies (Pages 30-33)

“Perfect Partners” – Mixing 2 or more complimentary varieties of bulbs that are designed to flower at the same time of the season (Pages 34-43)

“Value Packs” and “Landscape Bags” – using 1-size lower bulbs than all other products, and more of them, to create a greater sense of value to the consumer (Pages 44-49)

“ Mammoth Bulk” crates – using even much bigger bulbs – Remember….the bigger the bulb….the bigger the flower (Pages54-59)

“Inspiration Blends” – using Early, Mid, and Late blooming combinations to get a longer season of flowers in every planting, over a month of constant blooms (Pages 60-63

“Bees & Butterflies” – every customer will come in to your fine establishment looking for this specialty group (Pages 64-67

From here on in, the rest of the catalog is devoted to the “Core Program”, from our numerous selection of Tulips, Daffodils, Crocus, Hyacinths, Alliums….all the way to our “Little Treasures”. (Pages 68-127)

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DeVroomen has a large selection of specialty bulbs that will make your landscape projects look unique. Here is just a sampling of the specialty bulbs we have to offer. 


June 30th is our retail deadline to guarantee stock! All orders after this date are subject to availability.