Allium Globemaster

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If you thought you’d seen all the Alliums, you’re wrong. This fantastic ornamental onion Allium Globemaster is called master for no reason. This giant onion is a lovely perennial that brightens up your border with its 8-10” (20-25cm) round balls. This Allium is, without doubt, the sort that blooms the longest. These Allium bulbs need to be planted in Fall, to enjoy its beautiful purple flowers from late Spring until early summer.

Extraordinary garden plant

Although it seems that Globemasters grow one big flower, the big round purple flower head exists of hundreds of small blooms. These little blooms grow slowly around the ball. The ball won’t be as beautiful in the pictures right away; this takes time to develop. Every day, the small flowers form a bigger ball, when the small flowers finish building, the purple whole is a pleasure to watch. The stems of the Globemasters grow up to 24” to 36” (1m) high. This makes the Globemasters perfect for height differences in the garden.

Recurring perennial

Globemasters naturalizes easily. This extraordinary friend comes back every year. And for every bulb you plant, two bulbs grow back. The bulbs need to be planted in the ground by September, October, or November. If the bulbs are left undisturbed during Winter (they will survive the frost, don’t be afraid), the Allium Globemaster returns year after year. The plant starts blooming with light-green leaves and grows into a full-grown Globemaster in June. After the growth, many gardeners use the Globemasters as dry plants indoors.

Stylish Alliums for indoor decor

Use the beautiful bobbing flowers as cut (dry) flowers. The Allium stems are often placed in a high vase to create a fantastic indoor style with these luxury flowers. After blooming, Globemasters are commonly used as dried flowers. How?

  • Cut at the base of the stems and pull off any leaves or excess foliage.
  • Group the stems into small bunches, and make sure the flowers have enough air to dry.
  • Leave the Alliums for three to six weeks to dry completely.
  • Use the Globemasters as home decoration in a vase.