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The beautiful Anemone can’t be missed in any landscape field. Anemones bring color, scent, and happiness to your garden. Anemones bloom from early spring to fall months, depending on which variety you choose. Plant anemones in October, to ensure spring and summer flowers. At De Vroomen, we sell the lovely Anemone Blue Shade with its bright blue flowers. Order yours and enjoy a spring garden filled with colorful, blue flowers.

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How to grow Anemones

Before you plant anemones in well-drained soil in fall, leave anemone bulbs to soak in water for 2-4 hours. This way, the bulb knows it’s time to grow and encourages to sprout faster.

  • Plant anemones 3” (7 cm) deep and water regularly.
  • Place anemone bulbs on a full to partial sun spot in the garden.
  • Plant anemone bulbs 3-4” (7-10 cm) apart.
  • Anemones bloom from early to mid-spring.
  • Anemones are hardy to zones 8-10

Popular Anemones

Anemones are popular landscape flowers in the spring garden. This perennial flowering plant produces dozens of small daisy flowers that cheer up every garden. At De Vroomen, you can order:

  • Blue Shade: it’s in the name; this flower produces blue flowers. The yellow heart with the bright blue petals looks lovely in the front of the border.
  • White Splendour: this white Anemone grows up to 6” (15 cm) and loves a sunny to half-shady spot. The marvellous anemone can't be missed in any gardens, containers, and under trees. 

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