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Triumph Tulip is the Flower Bulb of the Year

“The tulip is without a doubt the best known and most popular flower bulb. With their beautiful, bright colors, they are a sight for sore eyes in the garden. There are more than 8,000 registered varieties, with new ones being added every year. The Triumph tulip has been crowned Flower Bulb of the Year. The flowers have that typical tulip shape that starts off like a cone and transforms into an oval after opening.”

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Selling Plants with a Purpose: Greenhouse Ornamentals for Pollinator Gardens

“The bottom line of our study is, if we want to capitalize on pollinator gardens as a trend, flower growers don’t need to grow more native plants to satisfy customers. Instead, they need to expand their definition of “pollinator-friendly” plants to include exotic ornamentals and help educate the buyer.”

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